Tool box build


Tool box build turns out a fun project. Cardboard package box couldn’t last any longer and it was time to make a replacement for all that recovery gear and stuff. So I started to make measurements in a trunk and even build a few cardboard prototype profiles to be sure that everything is going to fit nicely. My idea was to make it like mountain style so every time I would look in my trunk it would remind me to go out more in a woods:)
I decided to went with a plywood and made a 3D model in a Fusion 360.

Laser works pretty well and I got what Ive been looking for

After that put some primer and did some sanding as I would imagine would be hard to do if I would glue everything together first.

To make it even fun I found some sheet metal to make a snow peak shapes and woods. It took a little time to figure out how to print a picture in a real world units size.

Then just glue it to vinyl and vinyl stick to a metal.

And here some fun begins… I used everything I could to cut a profile - cutters, chisels, dreamel , belt sander… but looking at my suffering @Gibbtall gave me the best advise - scroll saw. So I just bought blades and work went much more faster!

Took some time but I just enjoyed a process and keep going until I got this:

Finally metal part was done and it was time to put all together. So I used screws to make it solid and then glued it up. Thanks to @Rob_MacKenzie for another hand in this messy process :slight_smile:
To hide joints Mike again suggested to use a Bondo spot filler and it worked good enough for what I need it. Final steps was put a primer on, sand it, paint it and glue metal with epoxy.

Thanks everyone for help to make this happen! People are awesome!:slight_smile:


Wow! That turned out really nice! Love the scroll saw work.


Awesome! Glad the scroll saw helped. Looks great!


That looks amazing. Great job!


Very nice project !


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Wow! Super impressed. Patience really paid off with the metal cutting, it looks fantastic.


Wow the final product looks amazing. You are one patient man with that scroll saw work.