Tips for starting a Victoria DIY community


Hello VHS - long time lurker from Victoria. I’m starting a maker/hacker/DIY community in Victoria called YYJDIY. It’s not a physical hackspace but more of a community with monthly meetups where people can meet other folks doing similar things, with a focus on learning and interdisciplinary collaboration (though I’m still figuring out the details). I’d love to hear any tips anyone has about starting a community - I was partially inspired to create this group because of the community around VHS, so any input really would mean a lot.

Also, if you know anyone in Victoria that might be interested, please let me know.


Here’s the link:

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Thanks Luke!



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Have you talked to the Victoria Makerspace? At the least it could be a good location for your meetup.


I have been to the Victoria Makerspace - it’s a really great space, but it’s pretty far from downtown Victoria (it’s also a bit more focused on wood/metal than I’m aiming for). I’ve got some ideas for temporary/monthly meetup spaces, but they don’t have any tools/facilities for more hands-on hacking - maybe some meetups are more social and some are more hands-on and hosted at the Makerspace…

Thanks, that’s a good point and I’ll definitely talk to them.