Time to clear out some old projects

Here are some old projects I want to get rid off…
Free for whoever wants them…
If multiple people interested I will put names in a hat (will give it a few days)…
If no one interested then off to eWaste…

Update 08/17/2020
Managed to get rid of all the stuff…

I’d love to take that goose off your hands Bob. I actually need a goose drawing model so this fits the “bill” nicely. Yuk yuk yuk.

You need it for a good gander?

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Yes, for my new picture book project, “Jimmy the Cobra Chicken”.

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If no one wants the weather monitor - I’ll take it.

if nobody wants the TTY; my friend would like that and/or one of the phones.

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I am @mike’s alleged friend. I’d love to grab the TTY and either of the phones that would fit – he can be my proxy (i’m on the wrong side of the border currently) for pickup/delivery :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance etc etc :joy:


Meow Meow Meow (phone&tesla) meowmeow

I would quite happily take the MIDI keyboard off your hands. I’ll shoot you a direct message to coordinate.

Hi All,
I`ll be dropping off the projects tomorrow morning at the Space ( I plan to be there between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM)…

@SteveRoy - Weather Station
@tony.aaj.jackson - MIDI Keyboard
@mike @plongitudes - TTY Terminal & Phone
@KittyCat - Tesla Coil & Phone

@KittyCat & @plongitudes - You both wanted phones, there are 3 of them so hopefully you can divide between the two of you

Not sure where I will leave everything but will post the into when I do…
Send me a note if you cant pick up from the Space in the next while as I dont want to clutter it up with stuff…

@Janet - I`ll figure a way to get you the Goose as I am downtown quite often for work…

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I’ll be able to pick up my obligations in the next couple days if that’s OK, certainly by Thursday at absolute latest, but. most likely Monday.

@SteveRoy - left the weather station on shelf above 3D printers
@mike - left TTY on same shelf
@KittyCat - left tesla coil on shelf above north electronics bench
@KittyCat & @plongitudes - phones are in plastic box on rolling cart in front of electrical panels
@tony.aaj.jackson - MIDI keyboard on shelf above printer on east wall

I sort of tagged the stuff and will grab any of it that isn’t picked up in the next few days or whose location is causing issues…


Thanks Bob. Bourbon is coming atcha.

as @mike is my proxy, i’ll :crossed_fingers: that he can pick up in a reasonable time. :smiley:

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