TIG welder is operational

At long last, I have my TIG welder up and running. This means that we now have the tool capability to weld aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly, bronze, titanium (if you build yourself an argon tent) magnesium, copper, and just about anything else that conducts electricity so long as it doesn’t have zinc or lead in it.

The machine is rated for 250 amps, so you can do some reasonably thick stuff with it-- up to 3/8 aluminum once we get the power situation sorted out. (Right now we can do 200 amps without popping the fuse, and that will do up to 1/4" aluminum)

If you already know how to TIG weld, get in touch with me and I’ll fill you in on the particulars of this machine and setup.

If you would like to learn how to TIG weld, or want a refresher, let me know and we can set up lessons. Bear in mind that TIG has a steep learning curve and requires a LOT of practice, so give yourself tons of lead time if you have a project with a deadline.

This will be a strictly bring-your-own consumables machine; tungsten, gas lenses, and collets included. We can get a group buy rolling, otherwise KMS, Air Liquide, and occasionally Praxair are all good sources. Cyberweld.com is also an option for those who would rather shop online. NO THORIATED TUNGSTENS. We do not have the appropriate dust collection for radioactive cancer dust. Ceriated is fine for steel, and Lanthanated is miles better for aluminum.

The torch is water-cooled, so it must be run with the cooler unit on.


Thank you @Metal_Janet!

I have made a wiki page for this machine:



Thank you.

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