Thursday Open Nights for Members


When I joined I really appreciated key holders opening. I’m trying to pay that awesomeness forward more formally lately, as I know we have a lot of new folks with our move to The Mullet. Yes…it’s still called that. :smiley:


I’ve opened for the last two Thursday evenings and it’s been great to meet new members and see them working on projects and the space. I can’t make it Thursday this week so if anyone is able to host that would be awesome.

Also no pressure as always, as there is no obligation for keyholders to open on demand. Just throwing it out there if anyone is planning on being down at VHS anyway.

I will be at open night to help this Tuesday.

Thanks and keep on being awesome!


I can host it this week.


Added to the calendar - thank you so much @Metal_Janet. You rock. @Billiam should also be around for part of it and is a keyholder. (thanks to you also Bill)


There aren’t any more Thursday member nights in the calendar at the moment but if anyone fancies putting one on and will be at the space anyway please do! As always no pressure for keyholders to open. Just putting it out there.