Thickness Sander out of order

Until we can get some guidelines posted, the thickness sander is out of order. It has been driven really hard lately and there are legitimate concerns over the tool’s longevity being used as described.

A sign will be placed on it tonight


A sign has been placed and the wiki has been updated. It has come to my attention that the feed belt is being driven off t he machine and may have been cut down to mitigate some fraying.

Until we can at least get the tracking working on the current belt, we cannot reinstate usage. I’ve updated the wiki with a list of action items to get this back in operation.

The cheapest replacement I can find for a replacement conveyor belt is this:

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Will this type of belt work? I see it’s about $22 CDN but you have to buy 5 from this vendor but we’d have spares for about 50% more than the one unit from the States.

Some forums are suggesting its an 18x47.5" belt, so the one linked isn’t the right size exactly but I wonder if it is close enough. If we can find the official size of the belt that would help.

They have a variety of different sizes at this site and they are somewhat local being in Langford (outside of Victoria). Just something to keep in mind if they have the right part.

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Would it be helpful to measure the existing belt?


Indeed! And yes, if we can go local I’m all for it.

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whoops, I was in the space today and forgot to measure it. If someone gets to if first great, if not I’ll be there on Monday morning.

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