The Taig CNC needs a new spindle, collets and some tools


Hi All:

The VHS Taig CNC machine, on loan from Brian @Gear105, is getting a lot of use which is great because it is an awesome tool!

Brian has been generously training many of us on how to use this machine.

So with the increased use comes increased wear and tear.

The spindle is pretty much at the end of it’s life and needs to be replaced.

A new spindle along with some extra tools and set of new collets will cost about $300 Cad.

So the ask is for funds to purchase these.

If you are interested in contributing to this please indicate below how much you’d be willing to throw in to keep the CNC in great running shape.




I will contribute $30 to this.



Let’s keep the machine running, I want to use it one day too :slight_smile:

I contribute $50.


I’ll throw in $20


Thank you Brian!


$30 from me, hoping to use the Taig a bunch once I finish my injection molder!


I’ll throw in $20


I’m in for $20.


Count me in for $30


Count me for $25


I will also contribute with $40


This is awesome guys! We are up to $285- $15 more and we are there! I shall send off the money to @Gear105 this evening.

You can give me the funds in cash or send me an etransfer. Let me know what works.



Yup! I can do that! ($15)


does paypal work?


I’d rather just grab cash. Envelope in my locker?



So I have sent of $300 to @Gear105 to go ahead with the Taig spindle replacement.

I just wanted to keep track of who has paid me here

@majicj - $30
@Stefan - $50
@SeanPo - $30
@chadleaman $25
@Jarrett - $20
@Rebel_without_Clause - $20
@Emerson - $40
@xquared - $20
@JDMc - $30
@Gibbtall - $20
@Bobster747 - $15

You can either give me cash or send me an eTransfer. pm me for details.

Thanks again for your donations.



Hi @Majicj,
I sent it to "", will ask them to transfer to you.


Please don’t send money to the space to send to members, that requires several people to dig in to the accounts. The general rule is once it’s been donated to the space, it’s the space’s.


To avoid accounting hoops keep it as a credit in my account, will adjust it against membership dues, etc.