The Mess Room Reclamation Project - Work party [Sunday Jan 12th] 1PM (pushed by 1 day)

Hi Everyone

I would like to start a Mess Room Reclamation Project. The goal is to have that room be a center for spray painting and mold making. The goal is to have the room be ventilated and plumbed. After having a conversation with @Metal_Janet, we have come up with a tentative plan for the room. If there are no objections, over the coming weeks, I will host a bunch of small work parties to slowly put the room together. Once we have the mess room together, we should be able to hold workshop on mold making and resin casting, which are tons of fun.

So to start, we need approximately 4 people to help lift the wooden frame on top of the warehouse rack. It will be the base for our ventilation system. The plan date for this Jan 11th, 1pm. I will post picture in the coming days and ask about the best way to achieve the plan.

If you are free on Jan 11th, at around 1pm, tell me in this thread and we can get something done together.


I’m so happy to hear that we have champions working to get this done! I don’t have alot of technical skills, but am willing to help out anyway I can otherwise.

Unfortunately, this particular Sunday I will be busy celebrating my grandpa’s birthday, but I will pencil in future work parties.

Thanks @yeungz and @Metal_Janet!

Hey, Something just came up for for me on Saturday the 11th, so we are pushing the work party back a day to Sunday 12th, still at 1pm. If you can make it out then, that would be great. We are moving one heavy item up high onto a rack. Should not take too long.

We need about 4 people, please reply to this thread if you can make it out.

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I can make it on the Sunday. I can edit the post title if you like?

Thank you for coming by and thanks for the edit.

Great, I will join in, Thanks!

En route.