The Great Grabage Purge. Sunday Sept 6th 12 pm to 4 pm

This Sunday, VHS memebers are encourage to come down and help with the great garbage purge of 2020. On this day, we will be taking the shop rule of “No Name, Fair Game” very literately. We love our scrap bin but unorganized scrap and junk has gotten out of hand. It is time for a purge.

Only the 10% best scrap will be kept around the laser cutter. So if you been eyeing that nice piece of plastic, put your name on it now.

Only the best 10% wood scrap will be kept in the wood shop. Everything that does not have a name on it is not safe.

Anything that is left on the main table or the crafting table will be purged. If you want that security camera for a project, you better grab it, or it is gone.

This is your final chance to claim stuff around the shop before it is gone forever. If you have something that is not labeled, please come in before Sunday and label it. Or you can message me with a location and description of an object and I will label it for you.

If you have a big truck or Van, please help if you are able to. I will bring my SUV which should have a bunch of space to get ride of good deal of stuff, but a bigger car would be even better.

Lets Make Hackspace Clean Again!!


Thanks for organizing this! 'Tis awesome and much needed. There are still wooden printing type trays up in the attic. Please don’t toss those as they are quite popular and we can sell them and several members have expressed interest in them. I think there are about 15 or so. (no type - that was donated, just the trays)

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got it. i will keep a look out.

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Thank you everyone for coming down and helping with the purge today. We got rid of 3 car full of scrap and garbage. There is so much room for activities now.
Thank you to Trastian, Sage, Metal Janet, David, Dan, Jon, Mimi, and few other person I forgot the name of. You guys really stepped up and cleaned up the space. Everything looks so much better now.

We mostly got rid of obvious garbage this time around, but we are having conversation about having a better managed large project storage system that allows people to leave projects they are working on here but still keeping people accountable. I also want people to leave cool and interesting object for others at the hackspace without things piling up. I will consult a couple more people and come up with a comprehensive plan.

Thanks again for everyone that came and helped out.


that looks fantastic!! you guys rock.! thanks for spear heading that yeung

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