The disaster that was the worktable is now serene again

I should have taken a before picture, but alas, I had an urge to tidy.

All the junk that was on the table is now stacked neatly toward the left of the freecycling section.

All the tools and whatnot there were abandoned have been put away, and the table is no-longer an overwhelming and stressful place to sit at.


those Avid power drills are for the latest raffle, i believe

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Cool. We should maybe mark up a raffle stuff section so they don’t have to sit on the workbench. :blush:

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they usually sit in the attic. some one from the surplus committee needs to move them though, as the attic is locked.

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Thanks for cleaning that table… it looks amazing!

the drills for the raffle are still in the attic. I am not sure what the plan for these are. Maybe going out for VHS to use? Anyways, they aren’t really up for free grabs.

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