Thanks to @kooero for the LED stuff donation!

Just wanted to thank @koopero for the donation of a whack of LED lighting stuff including:

  • bunches of WS2812 LED strips
  • some pixel rings
  • pile of misc sensors and stuff
  • lots of 5V power supplies
  • and 12V power supplies
  • terminal strips
  • Raspberry Pis
  • connectors
  • and other stuff

And thanks to @yeungx for helping me sort through it and store best we could…


That’s fantastic! Thanks for sorting all that. Is this a use-by-donation sort of thing like the last round of led donations? Looking forward to rummaging around.

Just wanted to add that included in the pile were several Orange Pis and a Banana Pi…
If you have been curious about them now you can play with one…

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Thanks @packetbob and @yeungx for helping to sort the stuff. It feels good knowing the stuff is going to a good home.