Teak beverage holders

Made a couple beverage holders out of teak and brass, to go on a boat. The design changed a lot from my original idea, but that’s allowed whether I like it or not.

They are finished with many layers of Watco Teak Oil, applied at my home and not at VHS (since drying oils are banned from VHS due to the fire risk).

Here they are installed on the boat, complete with pivot to keep drinks level as the boat heels over while sailing. Maybe this will convince him to refinish the other “bright” work :joy:

Thanks to @mike (I think that’s the right Mike?) for supplying the teak!


They look lovely!!

Drying oils are banned? Very good to know as I had some tung oil finishing planned so I’ll make sure to do that away from VHS :slight_smile:


Yes, there was a fire in the past caused by rags used for drying oil (since the curing reaction is exothermic).

Thus, they are now banned. Make sure you read up on proper fire prevention before you work with them at home.


Now that I think about it there was a Bob’s Burgers episode involving spontaneously combusting grease rags.


Great job. I love that they are gimballed for when the yacht is heeling.