Taig CNC Machine


After careful consideration I have decided that I will be removing the Taig CNC from the VHS. I still want to make it available to people in order to learn CNC and help develop projects but with supervision at the Makerlabs. I will be available to help coach and supply tooling above and beyond what is available at the VHS now.

In order to move forward I want to make sure this happens equitably. If you have any concerns about the cost you paid for training or donated to consumable tools please message me and I will try and work out a deal.

I will be available most days Saturday through Wednesday. Just contact me to schedule a time to do work on the machine.

It has been a great experience at the VHS and I wish it the best moving forward.



Brian thank you so much for the huge amount of CNC training and help you have provided at VHS. It is much appreciated. You are a wizard.


This is disappointing for me as the Taig is in my top 3 tools at VHS (together with the laser which I’m trying hard to get operational again, and the surface-mount soldering stuff).

I can’t say I blame you, as the Taig seems under-utilized lately, and is probably covered in junk every time you check up on it. Unfortunately as a group we haven’t done a very good job of getting our tools back online in a reasonable time frame.

It’s generous that you’re offering us the continued use of it at your Makerlabs shop though, and I will definitely take you up on that. Here is the next design I need to make as soon as I get some 1.5x1.5 UHMW stock. It’s a 4-gang pneumatic pinch valve.


Hey Brian:

Thank you for the loan of the Taig and your training. It was definitely one of the cool tools at VHS and will be missed.

You opened up the world of CNC machining and Fusion 360 for me.

Hopefully we will be able to purchase a Taig for VHS some day in the future.



Hey @Gear105,

I am really grateful for the time and energy you invested in teaching us about CNC machining. It’s obvious you have a passion for the craft.

Thank for both the loan of the Taig and your invaluable time, and I hope to see you again soon!


Hey Brian. Thanks very much for the time you’ve spent trying to get a CNC culture at VHS. Hopefully we can start it up again sometime in the future, but I completely understand your decision.

See you around!


i am sad to see it go. but since i havn’t really been using it, i can’t really complain. :’(


Hi Brian, thank you so much for offering the Taig over these years and for teaching to use it. I certainly used the Taig as as Luke, I had projects to run, just bought materials to milll and therefore I will miss the Taig a lot. It was my favourite equipment at VHS.

Again, you were very generous with us, it’s only our problem now to fix, if we really need CNC at VHS.

For now, we can’ convince any newcomers that we have tools to machine on metal. Bad start for VHS at the new place.


You are more than welcome to continue to use the machine just down the road.



I really appreciate the machine and your time, I’m sad to see it go but I earnestly won’t have much time in the coming months to be at VHS. My only complaint with regard to expenses is that your training was too cheap. You seriously opened up a world for me and I’ve been nonstop binging machining videos ever since.