Tablesaw Training 4.0


Time for another Tablesaw Training Workshop. I’d like to do it next Wednesday, Aug. 16 starting at about 6 or 6:30pm. The workshop lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours.

We’ll need a keyholder who is willing to bottomline the event and someone more in touch with what going on than me to let me know if we will be conflicting with or disturbing any other events or activies going on. Does anyone know if someone has made a crosscut sled for the new tablesaw?

Then, of course, we’ll need participants. 5 is about the max considering the space available and ensuring enough time for everyone to do practise cuts. As a participant you will be required to provide your own safety glasses (required), dust mask (optional) and hearing protection (optional). I will bring some suitable scraps of wood for demonstration and practise cuts. There is no charge for this training although I’m sure the Donatio box wouldn’t mind being fed something.

The training will cover safety extensively (including kickback prevention/mitigation techniques), machine anatomy, machine settings, basic operations, blade selection and basic ripping and crosscutting techniques. Everyone will get a chance to perform a few practise cuts. You should come away from this knowing enough to confidently and safely operate a tablesaw to perform basic ripping and crosscutting operations. The tablesaw can do much, much more than this but this will provide a good jumping off point for those who want to explore more advanced topics after they’ve gotten a bit more experience with the basics.

Respond to this thread if you would like more info or if you would like to reserve a spot for the workshop.


Awesome! I highly recommend this if you have any interest in woodworking at all.

@Stevemopolis, do attendees need to be VHS members?



I’d love to participate!


I’d like a spot.


dibs plz


I’d love to have a spot!


According to our website, dangerous tools are Members Only.

All dangerous tools are members only. Feel free to come down and use our soldering irons, hand tools, and test gear, however.


I’m really keen!


Unfortunately Wednesday evenings are normally costuming/craft nights - is there a night running next week @Gibbtall?

If the night is available I’d like to attend and will bottom-line the night.


If any spots remain, I’d be interested.


How closely are we reading the policy? This is supervised training, not random usage. :slight_smile:

I only ask because a couple of the expressions of interest here are my coworkers. :slight_smile: * Edit: Turns out one of them is a member, the other guy is on the pin.


I’ll probably be around, but there isn’t usualy anyone using the machine shop, I’m fine if you folks want to do it Wednesday.


That was fast…

So we have a keyholder who contacted me privately who will bottomline the event and attend. In addition to them, the first 4 people to reply asking for a spot. They would be:

Hopefully you are all members. If you are not a member or cannot attend let me know asap so we can slot in the next people on the list.

If you wanted to attend but didn’t reply quick enough to get on the list, I’m hoping to do another workshop in September.

Thanks @Gibbtall for allowing us to intrude on your regular event! I’m also told we could move the training into the loading bay.


Oh I’m not a member, ok, guess I’ll give up my spot to someone else. Thanks!


Thanks for letting me know. The next person on the list to attend is @hughl87.

The list of attendees is now:


I can’t make it afterall :disappointed_relieved:
An unplanned meeting has come up and I can’t miss it.

I hope you’ll do another tablesaw training soon!



Woohoo, can’t wait!


The next person on the list is @rsim. Hope to see you there tonight.


Awesome, thanks @Stevemopolis! Will be there. There’s a chance I’ll be a little late due to the notice, but going to try my best to be on time!