Tablesaw and Planer/Jointer orientations

Hey All

i’ll be running through the orientations for the Table Saw and the Planer Jointer on Thursday January 5th starting at 4:30pm. It should take about an hour and half to cover both of those. If you can’t be at the space at 4:30 - don’t worry we can start up a second session after the first one probably around 6pm. Space is limited to 3 people for each session.

I suggest a 50 dollar donation to VHS for the tool orientation. You can do that via the membership page of the vanhack site or by email money transfer to

If you can’t make at these times please let me know and we can arrange some other time to go through things.

If you are also more of a beginner wood worker i would suggest enrolling in a Cutting Board Workshop. You will go through the same safety orientation but in an applied sense as you work on this very beginner friendly project. A portion of the costs for this workshop goes directly towards funding some improved dust collection systems in the wood shop that will also benefit the entire space. More dates will be announced for later in January but if you’re interested in attending please let me know.


@Austin @hackyryan - FYI

Please sign me up! I can do either session, though 6pm works better for me if it’s available.

Yay! Sign me up for the 4:30. I can also make the 6:00 if that works better for other people. Thank you!

Hey, I’d like to join for this!

Would love to join for this as well. 6PM would work better for me as well, and happy to donate.

Please sign me up for the 4:30

Actually sorry for the flip flopping, but the 4.30 timeslot works better for me, if there’s still a spot available.

Sign me up! Either slot works, mild preference for 4:30 :slight_smile:

I’d like to join if there is still space, either slot works for me!
(I’m already checked out on the Jointer/planer actually, and have used table saws extensively so would be attending to learn about this particular machine and how to avoid setting off the brake!)

Looks like i’ll be near capacity for this Thursday with just one slot left at 6 pm.

@Cory 4:30 pm
@Austin 4:30 pm
@WDaynes 4:30 pm
@paldari 4:30 pm

@abucior 6pm (drop by around 6:30 and hopefully we will be starting on the table saw at that time).
@GeorgeRahi George 6pm
@Kris_Clark Kris_Clark 6pm



I’d like to take the 6pm thursday slot.

@Phillip_Ma Are you planning to do another session in the coming month or 2? Would love to do one but can’t make it this week.

I usually host open hours on Thursday evenings between 4 and 8. those are generally good times to stop by. if Thursdays don’t work for you DM me on slack or on talk and hopefully we can find some time to meet.

Hey, I’m sick today and just remembered i signed up for this. Sorry for the short notice :cry:

No problem - drop by next Thursday i’ll be in to host regular open hours. That’s a convenient day to get checked off. Stop by around 5:30 or 6. You too @Dviz

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Thank you @Phillip_Ma for the great workshop today!

That’s great normally I’m available Thursday’s but next week I have a conflict I’ll aim for the 19th if you are around. Thanks!!

Hi @Dviz i don’t think i’ll be able to swing by today. if you haven’t been signed off yet DM me on slack and i’ll see if someone else can help you out with this. Thanks!

All good. Are you around next week? Not a huge rush.