Table saw Training September 14th

There is going to be a table saw training September 14th from 5:30 to 6:30

There are 3 slots in total.

The cost is 40 dollars. All of which will be donated to the hackspace. You can pay me in cash or E-transfer me at

We will go over how to table saw while keeping all of your fingers.
How to make a rip cut.
How to make a cross cut.
How to avoid kickback.

This is a beginner course and we will only be teaching the basics with a heavy emphasis on safety. But this should be a solid foundation for you to start your wood working adventures.

Comment below to reserve a spot.


I’d like to sign up please!

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Pls sign me up.

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ok that is 2. one more slot.

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Count me in.

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ok this training session is full. see you all next tuesday

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Exterminators are working on my place and I thought they’d be done by now but they are not so I’m going to be missing the training. So sorry to take spot someone else could be using.

No worries. Be running another class in 2 to 3 week.

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