Swing Out Tire Carrier

Swing out tire carrier

Slides into hitch, intended to be universal.

The black piece was scrap that my dad grabbed - I couldn’t grind the paint off so I got lazy and welded some painted metal (Don’t worry I was using my respirator).

I have also completed the joint piece, so all I have to do is connect it to the main bar and weld the actual tire holder.

Will update when I make further progress :+1:


Nice! Was this welded at VHS? Looks like you got good penetration on the welds, though there is some undercutting which suggests that your amperage setting may be too high.

If I may offer a suggestion, don’t skip grinding off any paint, coatings, slag, or rust. Preparation makes all the difference when it comes to welding. Contamination can cause porosity and other defects that can cause the joint to be weak.

Cool project! Thanks for sharing your project photos. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Yeah I’ve been doing this at the VHS! Undercutting is a problem I’ve been running into often, so I appreciate the suggestion.

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