Swept the wood shop for 30 minutes

Dealt with a lot of dust around the table saw/DMZ area and along the sides of the work table. Also moved some tripping hazards out of the way near the project storage area and router table (though it’s still quite easy to trip over the dust collection). I noticed a lot of unlabelled stuff around project storage in general but my back started acting up while sweeping so I didn’t touch any of it. I’m not sure what the process is for purging unlabelled stuff but I’d be happy to help if someone wanted to spend some time doing that and show me.


Thanks for your help sweeping today!

I’ll certainly help in the purging process. I’ll need to spend some time in the coming week or two to get the wood shop in particular ready for culture crawl and getting it looking a little bit more organized.


Amazing! Thank you for sweeping/moving all the trippy stuff.


Great! I’ll be in on Tuesday and likely some other days throughout the week. If I see you around I’ll ask. I’d be happy to help with general cleaning and organizing around the shop.