Surplus LED Drivers


I salvaged these Philips LED drivers a while back thinking I might use them for something but my workshop is getting too crowded and it’s unlikely that I’m ever going to use them. I have 8 of the 54W drivers and 4 of the 75W drivers. I’ve attached a photo of them and a copy of their data sheets.

If anyone can make use of these I’m happy to barter them for something I might be able to use.

ODLI20150810_001-UPD-en_US-PAd-1472DS_Xitanium_55W_0_35Ato1_05A_DS_v3.pdf (1.1 MB)
ODLI20160315_001-UPD-en_US-Xitanium-75W-0-1to2A-XI075C200V054BST1-PAd-1611DS.PDF (1.6 MB)


Do you want
(1) Microcontroller/Microprocessor Development Boards (ATMEL, Mitsubishi, FreeScale, etc.) or PIC Microprocessors, EEPROMs;
(2) DC Power Supplies (5V, 12V, 16V, 24V);
(3) IRF820 MOSFET Transistors;
(4) Many Video/Image processing chips.
I would like the 75V ones.



What I’m really looking for is hardwood, old/antique woodworking tools (handplanes, chisels, saws, etc) or other woodwork related stuff, RasPi 3 or vintage Meccano.