Supplies for VHS from Closing Business?

Hi there, I was a member a little while back. The small business my brother works for is going out of business, and I was wondering if VHS could benefit from some of the surplus assets.

This includes:
-Various sizes of electronic project boxes plastic
-Battery holders of various types: 23A, 9 V, AAA, Coin cell, 4XD cell
-Various sizes of DC hobby motors including small gear motors
-Mini 315 MHZ transmitters 3 to 12 V Momentary contact (several hundred)
-A variety of single and multiple channel relay receivers with transmitters
-Batteries (new):
CR 2016 3v
CR 927 3v
CR 2032
27A 12 V (850)
23A 12 V (1050)
3.7 V lithium 50 mah with battery plugs and leads (JDT)
3.7 V lithium 150 MAH
3.7 V lithium 750 MAH
-Lithium battery charger PCBs
-25 x 17 x 14cm Wooden boxes with sliding lids and foam liners (>50)
-Shrink tubing; various sizes
-Pager motors (>50)
-Various types of pushbutton and toggle switches
-Rolls of 3-D printing filament (PLA)
-several hundred resistors of various values. Brand new.
-Low switching voltage Relays
-Phono plugs
-Mini phono plugs
-Reed switches (~200)
-Tilt switches (<100)
-Vibration sensor switches (<100)
-LEDs (~500, mostly green)
-Soldering project kits
-steel shim material: 003 gauge
-Round wooden boxes with lids of various sizes (many)

Most components are through-hole. Numbers are only an estimate.
I honestly think this is a jackpot for VHS. Please let me know if VHS has space for some or all of these supplies.



This looks like a great haul of lots of useful stuff. How much stuff (volume wise) are we looking at? I can assist with sorting.

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Let me know if you need help transporting them to vhs.

Is there anybody who could let us into VHS on Saturday to drop it off?

Most of the volume is the boxes, followed by the 927 batteries because they are packed in strips of 5 and there’s more than a thousand of them, so there’s quite a lot of packaging.

What time on Saturday were you looking for?

Likely late Saturday morning.

I can cover this will DM.

I’ll try to spend some time sorting too.


Sorry for the change, but it seems like it would now be preferable for us to do on a week day next week. Does this work for anybody?

I’m out of town next week but I’ll be back the following week.

Note: any 3d printer pla 1.75mm filament in that group of supplies is needed for the 3d printing area so please do not take it home, but instead label with “VHS” and leave in the 3d printing area. Thanks!

(we’ve needed pla for quite a while and it’ll be great to have some for training this fall)


I’m still up for receiving this. Will try to make a time that works.

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I can help sorting but I too am out of town this coming week.

Will somebody be able to let us in Tuesday evening?

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Yes, I will be there on Tuesday evening.


Thanks @Metal_Janet! BTW, I heard the message you wrote to CBC on the radio last week.

Oh good! I had to go into costco right after I sent it in, so I wasn’t sure if they played it or not. I got the mug in the mail yesterday!

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thanks for all the organizing. I can also help sort when I’m in next thursday. Thanks @climberdude

Also, anybody who wants a small box or 5, please take. We have many and will bring some to VHS tonight.

So climberdude brought a whole bunch of stuff and dropped them off. A lot of it has been sorted into the electronic supplies.

This features a ton of dc motors, a ton of switches of all sorts. and a lot of things for remote control, a lot of battery, and heat shrinks, which all have been sorted away into appropriate boxes. There are still some battery and electronics that are on the main work bench. I am not sure how to sort away those and would love some help.

There is a lot of black boxes pictured above. We are not sure what to do with those yet, but a lot of boxes exactly the same size as one another can probably be used for something good.

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