Sunset lamp hack

I got one of them dumb sunset lamps but it didn’t come with the remote. So I got a remote but it is not the right frequency. Without the remote it flashes between color modes, opposite of intended relaxing effect. So I’m wondering if I can either figure out the frequency from this here pcb or pop one of these here thingamabobs off so that it doesn’t flash anymore and will just stick to one channel, don’t care which as long as it doesn’t flash. Or maybe I am just using this lil project to avoid thinking about real life and I should just lob the whole thing in the trash and deal with my real problems. Any advice appreciated, electronics related or otherwise :melting_face:

Yes! You can figure it out by using an IR or RF (depending on what tech the lamp is using) emitter/receiver to find out the frequencies the lamp controls are programmed with. Even so tho you’d need to re-program the remote with those frequencies which might be a pain.

You can likely handle all this tho with a phone app. This would be ideal because you can then also control the lamp with your phone and won’t need to wire up/program a separate remote. Try searching your android/iphone apps store for an led receiver/controller or searching for “leds lost remote”.

edit: that lamp is cool! I didn’t know these were a thing!

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I should also add - if you do want to build your own controller to avoid in-app ads/or privacy/or your phone doesn’t support IR, you can definitely build something.Just google as there are lots of instructions out there using various devboards.

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And…here’s one potential build using an arduino. How to Set Up an IR Remote and Receiver on an Arduino - Circuit Basics and also this one specifically for RGB LED.

Another option are the multifuntion/learning remotes, assuming IR, Logitech
Harmony remotes work well, eg the older 880 series but require a computer to
program, though the learning from an existing remote capabilty, I don’t
remember if it needs access to a computer.

On the flip slide, not exactly small remotes. Great if you have other gear
you want to control with them, for this project alone, much less so.

One more recommendation for commercial IR device. Have one of these in
bedroom for control of fans, my wife has the physical remote so I use my
smarphone with this device.

Wondering if a flipper zero might yield some useful info? I think there are a few VHS members who participated in the kickstarter.

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I really want one of these… for educational purposes only.

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I totally want one also. :smiley: (for Eye of Sauron purposes obviously)

My light is USB powered, but if I remove the receiver on the light and solder in the one from this remote, would that be likely to work?

doubtful as that receiver is just a component that receives the signal…iwhich then goes to the chip…and the chip is where the magic happens to change rgbled light colour.

I wonder what’s inside the controller and if you could reprogram it? Might be easier to build a separate remote.

I have to check - any chance it works with any of the sunset lamp apps out there? Like this one?

Which manufacturer is it (they may all be basically the same one at the source so could be the same controls). Also - if you’ve been down this road already, no worries.