SunRun Ham radio and chest harness with backpack


So for ham radio volunteering for the SunRun this year, I’ve decided to get a
nice chest harness
that’ll support 2 radios and am looking at these:

to replace my single radio Deakin harness.

I also want to be able to wear a small backpack to store additional clothing
if it’s cold, wet and
miserable or gets too hot and I want to take some clothing off. The main
problem is how to mount
the harness to the backpack straps so it’s all effectively 1 unit rather than
2 separate pieces of gear
to put on. From previous experience, it’s particularly comfortable wearing
the 2 separate pieces for
long periods of time.

Any ideas and suggestions, Carleton has a converter for the Coaxsher
backpacks but I am not
inclined to get yet another backpack as I have enough already.

The Harness Converter Kit allows you to attach the RCP-1 Pro to the 

shoulder straps of any
Coaxsher backpack.

Anyone hacked something up like this before?


Are you sure you want to attach your radio harness to your pack? I prefer to just have my pack be a luggable thing separate from my radio that I drop at the first opportunity.

Have you been by DS tactical in new west?

They sell radio pouches designed to mount to molle. Can mount them on pack waistbands pretty easy.
Also check out the mag dump pouches while you are there, they are great for waterbottles, snacks, tools etc and can fold up when not in use.

Also, for other dual radio holder ideas, I am partial to this guy:
Super comfortable and no sweaty chest.

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