Suggestions on building a custom vacuum hose adaptor

Early in the year we moved in to a much smaller place and decided to sell
our Miele S2 canister vacuum and get one of the new Miele Triflex HX1 as
recommended by Wirecutter. Flexibility and pricing (from Costco) was

At the time it was one of the top picks, but dropped down now for battery
and customer support issues.

So when using it handheld mode, it’s a bit heavy which I found when
vacuuming some shelving units in storage. The problem is that the
accessories size is different than all the other Miele vacuums, it’s
smaller than any other Miele gear and there are no 3rd party hoses or
accessories that fit the Triflex, this is info direct from a local Miele
dealer and as of an hour ago from Miele Canada.

Goal is a 4-6ft hose that allows me to use the crevice tool, floor tool
and brush so I can put the power unit down and vacuum comfortably.

So anyone found any hoses that actually fit the Triflex or an adaptor
that’ll work with standard Miele or other hoses?

Failing that, suggestions on how I could 3d print an adaptor that’s strong
enough to make this work?

I see in the “your topic is similar to…” popup that Dan made something like this years ago

However to keep the WAF high, my general preference would be to get an off the shelf hose so I don’t have to worry about losing adaptors.