Suggestions for homework assignments


I was thinking of asking people make a post on social media about their favorite thing about VHS, but that might be too spammy.

Make a post about their first visit to VHS’s physical space, What they liked what they didn’t?

Make some art with the words letters VHS in it. Macaroni art pictures would be accepted.

Make a post about a project that you have made in the “project” category.

Find the most interesting wikipedia article (Wiki Hole badge)


Display some cool art or project you made in VHS somewhere.

Preferably where it’s not taking up usable storage / work space (like the walls)

  • Write a post about a project that someone ELSE did at VHS that inspired you to [learn | try | re-learn | assist] a new skill or technology

  • Which workshop or theme night was the most memorable for you, and why?

  • If you could have one new / emerging tech demonstrated and discussed at VHS by someone in the field, what would you like the see? [[Otherwise known as what cool tech have I missed out on ?]]

  • Pitch a VHS field trip idea. Extra credit - follow through and organize it!


Is it too much to ask keyholders as homework to sponsor/add a craft night event to the calendar? This would involve opening the space so people can use supplies and sewing machines etc.

I’m running another night with @Garthomite but things are getting busy for me and I may not be able to do much organizing for the rest of the year.

The last night was great and there were a lot of people I had never seen at the space before. Would be sad to lose that momentum.

Making Monday Nights a Regular Crafting Night at VHS

Let’s see if this works…

Basically, if you can find a(nother) keyholder to bottomline for you,
you’re golden. If my schedule would permit, I would love to bottomline
such an event, but alas… my schedule is very unpredictable right now.

As for calendar access, you can always ask for access and it’s usually

For anyone trying to run an event, I’d suggest to start by making a post
looking for bottomliner and go from there.

(Maybe ask Farrell?)


Hey thanks - I know what you mean about unpredictable schedules. My work/school is all over the place right now. I have calendar access and can add events. I just don’t have time to run them. I appreciate you’d run them if you could. :smile:

It seems the demand for crafting is there. We had 15 - 20 people at the last event with no advertising other than the list/site. More events would be good but the number of members/keyholders at the space who craft and run such events is currently limited. There are only two of us. We can’t run all the events.

We could change that but first an initial burst of keyholders willing to open the space and run the events is needed. Since these are drop-ins, no specific sewing/knitting knowledge is required. There are handouts in the crafting area and crafters will help each other as well.

There were guys and gals at the last event. So it’s not just women we’re encouraging to come out but a whole other set of hackers/makers.


I’ll bottom-line one sometime. After this next one is done, we’ll figure something out.

I’ve got other stuff in the space that I’m working on that takes priority, but I’m happy to keep it open if the crafters are more or less self-sufficient.


I was pushing it across my networks as well and at maker labs, etc… I really want a crafting night to succeed at VHS.
You guys should split (“reply as a new topic”) this thread instead of responding to it on the original.

I wanted to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible and requiring keyholders is a pretty high barrier. Maybe in a future homework assignment after we get it started an established.

Making Monday Nights a Regular Crafting Night at VHS

Thanks @funvill for promoting! I’d really like to see a crafting night succeed as well.

@Jarrett thanks that would be awesome if you can open for a night.

I’ve started a new thread.


Create a sign for the space. The sign can be for anything on any subject.

You could make a sign telling people where the bathrooms are or what their current GPS cords are or how to use a tool or that there is a sign here or information poster or a psa about the dark lord cthulhu or pictographs story or the description of do-occracy or VHS’s ten rules of unity, a giant Coloplast finger with the speech bubble saying “this is awesome” or even a sign for VHS, etc…

You can make it out of anything you want, printed poster, laser cut wood, yarn, recycled computer components, sparkles, macaroni pictures, pipe cleaners, zap-straps, a monitor connected to a Raspberry PI. Ferofluid with electric magnets that displays the last tweet. It doesn’t even have to be physical it could be a graphic that we can use for the website or a banner for the forms,

Be creative!

An example is the vhstv irc bot. We have a TV at VHS that is connected to a Raspberry PI. The Raspberry PI is connected to the Internet and the irc channel. When someone sends the vhstv bot a message with a link to a page the page is automatically loaded on the TV at the space and displayed to everyone their. This was made by Ty, Thomas, and funvill in a few hours while drinking at the space.


Just some cool cats at the hack space…


Suggestion for a future assignment:

Edit the wiki!

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