Stuff Cheap (Sold)

All stuff has been sold

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I’ll take the RC stuff off your hands if no one else has claimed it yet… Someday I’ll fly something, not just build more things. :sweat_smile:

Yours for the new low price of $10 cuz I was gonna drop the price anyways
Can leave it at the Space for you when you figure you will be around to grab it

“some day” is a lot like “Someone Should” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would be interested in the speakers if you still have them around.

They are yours for $10 cuz I was just gonna drop the price anyways…
Can drop off at the Space or you can pick up (I’m near the PNE)

Will be easiest if you drop them off at the space. I’ll be in in a couple days most likely. I can e transfer you maybe? If that’s ok can you send me the email to use via private message/on slack (my name is Jade Lovelace on slack)