Still Creek Salmon Sounds final event this Friday!


Join us at VIVO for this free public event!

Why did the salmon return to Still Creek after an 80 year absence?
What can we learn about our continued cohabitation by listening to the dynamics of this creek?

Reflecting sonically on these and further questions, Patricia Angkiriwang, Adrian Avendaño, Kellen Jackson, Donna Liu, Abigail Markowitz, Ruby Spring, and Sheridan Tamayo-Henderson have employed soundscape composition and data sonification to create an immersive installation.

Photography by Matthew Armstrong & Jasmine Galdamez.

Guiding the team are artist-mentors Brady Marks, Helena Krobath and Jenni Schine, as well as Stó:lō historian Naxaxalhts’i, award-winning sonification researcher Marc St. Pierre, and aquatic ecologist Emma Atkinson.

Co-produced with Still Moon Arts Society.