Stepping back from hosting Tuesdays for the next few weeks

Hey everybody, as some of you may know, I whacked my head on asphalt two weeks ago and have been dealing with a(nother) concussion since then. It’s getting better, slowly, and I’m doing the proper protocol stuff, so for the next couple of weeks I just need to accept that I’m not going to be up to bottomlining Tuesday night open house.

Would somebody (or a few somebodies) be able to commit to opening the space on Tuesday evenings for the next few weeks?

Thanks everyone, and keep on being excellent to each other.


Yeah, I’ll make a point of doing tonight, i did a bit of last week, and It was fun, but what you do is more than just show up, i know that, it’s more, you show and you’re awesome with people, so I’m not sure I can commit to next week yet:-). But I’d love to do tonight, and someone else might be excited to do next week, Andy as we get closer to it I’ll have a better idea of me!

I’d love it if someone else could join me for the first bit hours at least as I’m new at this, but regardless, I’ll be there and I’m sure I’ll be good.

It looks like the calendar says 6-10:30, by 10:30 I’m very sleepy, I’m wondering what people generally expect if they show up for the open house, like if people generally show up earlier I’d love to say 6-9 out6-9:30 so that by 10:30 I’m playing with my kitty and ready for bed rather than just closing the space? But I’m I yup what works for the evening.

Metal Janet, I’ll say it again, you’re amazing, so generous with your time and thank you so much for taking care of yourself when it’s needed. All those things are appreciated a great deal!


I will put myself down for the 23rd :slight_smile:

Take care of yourself Janet!


Thanks @elizabot !

Oh so good, thank you!!

i was just looking around to check in and make sure it’s being done somehow and if not, to take it on, because my experience last week (thank you for the opportunity to do that btw Metal Janet! =). ) was 4 or 5 peoples or pairs of peoples wanting tours, all awesome, all amazing, and yeah, was so grateful it was open.

(Btw, special thanks to Greg for both not just helping with the tours and the evening but also being there for 6 when. I arrived at 6:05 — there were already people waiting and tours happening! Thank you Greg!! And special thanks to Ty for closing off the night!)

I’ll probably join you tonight just for fun and happy to support if needed/desired, I loved last week, but grateful that someone else is opening and taking on the “definitely being there on time” bit that I’m not always the best at!

(Have i mentioned how much i love this place? =). )


Looks like i have to meet with Customers on June 8th for my regular open to member hours, I can Host June 6th instead.

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