Stencil Making


I want to transfer this Sequoia (if I remember correctly) onto my longboard and possibly a tattoo. I started tracing it to make a grid in order to scale it up, but realized I’m probably missing a lot of detail, not to mention, laborious.

I’m wondering what the easiest way to transfer this would be:


image trace in inkscape and/or illustrator is your friend
you can use our vinyl cutter to make a stencil


Can you remove the board from wheels and drives and THEN Laser Engrave it?


You could, but not at VHS. The burnt chemicals in the adhesive could be toxic.


Vinyl? Hmmm. I was thinking poster paper cut with the laser.


Will also work, I am sure


You could use the stencil to apply glue then sprinkle sawdust/cocaine on the glue and then coat the whole thing?


That’s actually a really great idea. It’s the front that’s too grippy, so that fits with the plan for the tree.

I’m thinking, I might paint a couple trees of varying sizes. The smaller the tree, the further away, the more “fog” is added to the colour.


Bad news people. My nightmare month got even worse last week on the way home from the DogeCon volunteer orientation (luckily DogeCon itself made up for all):