Steelcase adjustable desk from 2009; won't rise, only drop


Hi all,

I’m hoping someone has experience with this adjustable desk and can suggest a troubleshooting or repair procedure.

It’s an old-school Steelcase desk (attaching pictures).

Right now, hitting the “Up” button jogs the desk up a fraction of an inch.
Releasing the “Up” button immediately drops the desk to its lowest setting.

Attempting to force the desk up works momentarily, but it immediately drops down again.

I tried disconnecting the control pad immediately after raising a tiny bit, but the desk dropped down to its lowest setting anyway. So I don’t think it’s a stuck button on the control pad itself.

Anyone encountered this? I’d welcome any suggestions.


Can you disconnect the button and then hotwire it to see if it will raise (unless that’s what you just described trying)? Steelcase is a great brand. Hope you can get it fixed.