Steam gasket

I am following this video to make a stovetop milk steamer, just trying to figure out what is going on with the gaskets he is making. He is attaching this valve to a bialetti by sandwiching the aluminum with a nipple and some gaskets on top and bottom. At 1:07 he is making this gasket thing with copper and wire and maybe pipe dope? Never seen it before, wondering if someone has more info about it like what type of wire he’s using, and if the copper stuff is even necessary if I am also using the EPDM rubber gasket. He doesn’t put this copper gasket stuff on the bottom part of the bialetti sandwich so what’s up??

It looks like silicone to me.

I’m bothered by this question now, too.

Total theory at this point:

EPDM might not do well under pressure, and it looks the way the two different gaskets are set up, high pressure in the chamber will cause the valve to try to escape the pot. That will cause more crushing pressure on the EPDM side, but try to force the copper side apart.

And looking at the most neurotic of amateur material scientists (car people), they seem to say that copper is coming from the factories for the high pressure fittings, but some of them are only using silicone now:

So I’d give it a shot with what he appears to be doing with a copper washer, copper wire (to fill in the gaps), and a silicone bead (to fill in the even smaller gaps). I’d also be very wary the first few times you heat the thing until you find out if the pressure blow out valve will activate before the fittings go. Probably, but you know. Don’t want to mess around with steam.

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Thanks for your two cents! I will grab some copper wire and silicone and give it a shot. I will wear a helmet and goggles first time I fire it up :wink:

Any chance you know where to buy EPDM sheet locally? Looks like it’s only available at Home Depots in the states :unamused:

Viton might be a good choice.