Stalled project?

I have some free time and like to tinker. If you have a project that you want to make some progress on I’m good with hardware ànd wiring. No programming ability. I can be there Tuesdays and Thursdays to help.


Not really a stalled project, but I am looking for help transforming an old plotter we picked up, harvesting the motion control system and turning it into a motorized camera slider rig? would you be interested in something like that?

I picked up a free plotter from the internet, It is too big to be housed at the space and too old to be fixed, which means it is perfect for it to be gutted and rebuilt. Would you be interested in the gutting process, salvaging what we can from the system that might be useful, and helping design a new system?

Sure. I’m down for that.

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Fantastic, I am going to try to make it to the open house tonight, I might be a little late, but if you get there before me, you will see a monstrosity of a plotter sitting at the end of the table. Feel free to get started on the gutting process.

I am aiming to gut the entire thing before the weekend and dump the garbage out with the other VHS garbage this weekend. (I will make an extra donation to the hackspace for garbage fees).

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If there’s interest, I can also talk about what needs to be done with the Killbot in more detail. Searching on Talk will yield results, but I think the next stage was replacing decaying 30-year-old RJ11 jacks.


Yesss! The killbot must live.

Just a FYI.

Electronics e-waste and stuff should go to The Hackery or Free Geek.

Please keep this stuff out of landfill.

Edit: Whoops. I see someone already mentioned this in another thread. :slight_smile:

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The stepper motor and rails have been separated from the carcass. There was no pen carriage or timing belt. Most of the components have been separated into piles.

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Thank you so much. E waste will be disposed properly, but most of the things we don’t need is just plastic covering.

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A rehab hospital reached out about a hand peddled exercise bike that powers Mario Kart… it is broken. I would like to see it diagnosed/repaired. They will cover cost of parts, assuming it isnt a dumpster fire.

They have a working one so it can be compared.

Here is video about the rehab center, you can see a it running at 2 minut mark:

We dont have capacity to address at work right now but could be a fun project.

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Wow that sounds like a much more worth while project. Feel free to hop on that if you want Grant.

It looks like they have this machine here:
I should be able to have a look at it today.

Actually I’m calling a snow week and going back to Kamloops. See you next week.


If you have the time then I have a six legged crab robot that would like to be reassembled. It requires a bit of Fusion360, a bit of pcb prototyping, and a bit of soldering. Not to mention elbow grease.
It used to be fine until the maker of the pcb decided that wasn’t fun any more. Now arduino App cannot upload to the board. The current goal is to replace the old board with a wemos (aka esp8266).

Fusion 360 and elbow grease I can do. I have some limited electronics ability. Next week is the soonest I can look at it. What days work for you?


I will be back I town on the 1st. Please email me directly and I will do my best to make this work.

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Just to give @GrantFraser some much due respect, he helped get that GameCycle going, and started changing light bulbs and doing other handy jobs at iCord / PARC. very solid man!