Spring Cleaning Rampage 2022

It’s rampage time.

This saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Will consider stretching this to the Sunday as well if there’s interest.

On the hit list:

-De-clutter the main table

-Paint the back wall

-Weed the garden/prep for sunflowers etc

-de-clutter welding shop scrap and material storage

-de-clutter Large Project storage

-de-clutter the woodshop workbench

-de-clutter electronics area

-clear jumbotron bench

-build upper shelves in woodshop

-make woodshop window openable before summer

-anything else that anybody wants to attack that they could use some help with, please share your ideas. (Sharing an idea means volunteering to spearhead the project, even if you don’t have the skills to do the actual work, you can do the logistical stuff and help out those that do)


With regards to painting the back wall, I notice that some of the caulking on the siding is peeling. @Reuben any recommendations on how best to proceed?

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Anyone have any objections to VHS spending a small amount of money to provide coffee and donuts for anyone doing spring cleaning at the space on Saturday?


Caulking is something that needs to be maintained and reapplied periodically. It can be spot fixed by cleaning up the area and applying caulking.

We should really attend to painting the wall this season.


Awesome thanks. I’ll take a crack at fixing the caulking tomorrow afternoon if it’s dry. I think we still have some tubes of caulk. No promises it’ll be pretty, but it’ll be sealed.


I will see about getting us some primer this week.


The back wall is cedar right? Probably should stain it?


Definitley a good way for new members looking to get vouches to meet other members. Also a great event for new members that arent sure how or where to help out yet.

thanks for organizing this


Can I request this be masks up? If so, @Spiritus and I should be able to show up for some of Saturday, and if not Saturday, then definitely Sunday.

Eta: I can help out with the garden and potentially building shelves in the woodshop, depending on how they are being built. :slight_smile:

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The proposed Mask policy changes have yet to be finalized and ratified by the board directors i believe. So masks are still the reigning policy. That being said - the shop gets pretty dusty during these decluttering sessions so masks are a good idea anyways.


For the primer do you want VHS to pay for it directly (I e. Obtain a quote and have @Arrgh phone in VHSc credit card number) or will you be doing an expense claim?

Are there any other materials that we’ll need to purchase for these projects?

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I bought a bunch of tubes of this more expensive stuff that should hopefully hold. I didn’t have enough time to apply it today though, so that will need to be done before we paint the wall. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/lepage-quad-max-280ml-white-001-all-weather-flexible-window-door-siding-sealant/1000837033

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Is this a side effect of spring cleaning? Free for all?

What’s the time table to move it out of the way?

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The space is looking absolutely amazing thanks to all the volunteers who came out to sweep, clean, dust, sort, throw out garbage and organize the space this past weekend.

The laser storage pile was absolutely out of control and someone has thankfully spent a good chunk of time wrassling it. Apparently there’s still some left to do. Perhaps you can jump in and help out by completing this? :wink:

Maintaining the space falls to all of us.


I spent a couple of hours today tackling the laser materials.

There’s a pile at the end of the tables left out for original owners to reclaim. They will go to free pile in a week if left unclaimed.


Thank you Mark