Spring Cleaning: Let's participate in the Great Grandview Garage Sale Saturday June 18 10am-2pm!

Hey everyone. There has been talk about doing some spring cleaning at the space recently. I’d like to sign us up for The Great Grandview Garage Sale. I think this will be a perfect opportunity to make some more room at VHS, raise some money for the space, and do some public outreach (take advantage of the foot traffic)

The Great Grandview Garage Sale is an enormous neighbourhood-wide garage sale, taking place throughout Grandview Woodland on Saturday June 18th 2022. It takes place annually on the 3rd Saturday in June, right before Father's Day. Think of it kind of like the East-Side Culture Crawl, but with Garage Sales. I know, we're excited too! http://www.greatgrandview.com/



Ok, I’ve registered the space to be a part of this. I’ll be at the space tomorrow afternoon to start finding things that I think we should sell. I’ll post photos of the items on this thread to make sure there is consensus from the membership on which items we’re going to offer for sale, and suggested pricing.

If anyone has items to donate to the space that we can sell to help us raise money (or go 50/50 on), please post here as well!


VHS members: instead of posting it here I’ll be moving the discussion about what to sell and pricing to Slack. Please add yourself to the #2022-great-grandview-garage-sale channel to join the action!


Great success! We raised $175, got rid of some junk, and gave a lot of tours today!

Thanks @Phillip_Ma , @rsim , @Metal_Janet , @SteveRoy and everyone else who helped out with the garage sale today!