Spring Cleaning - Fabric


The boxes of fabric scraps were kind of taking over the craft area, so I sorted through them.

We now have:

There’s also 2 black garbage bags under the sewing table. One of them has pieces of t-shirts (large rectangles, maybe for making a t-shirt quilt?) and pieces of jeans. The other is pieces of sheets, curtains, jackets and other clothing items.

I pulled out some things that looked like complete items of clothing and put them on the freecycle shelf. This includes a large quantity of blue polo shirts.

I will probably dispose of the stuff in the garbage bags and on the freecycle shelf if it’s still there in a few weeks.

Some notes:

  • There was a “saved for urban source” sign on one of the bins. Apologies, I didn’t see it until I had pulled out and sorted through all the fabric. I think this may have been @xquared? If you are still planning to take stuff to urban source, all the stuff on the freecycle shelf and in the garbage bags is fair game, and honestly I don’t think we need all the lycra and lace either. I’m not sure what Urban Source wants, though. Oh, and maybe the styrofoam shapes?

  • @yeungx @daza: There’s also a cardboard box that has some grey fur, upholstery foam, and VHS tshirts in it. I think this might be stuff from Totoro and screen printing workshops?

  • And there’s a plastic bag labeled “Nick and Vijaya October 13 2020” which contains some black material and some eva foam pieces. If that’s not claimed soon I will mix it in with the other fabric and foam stuff.

  • There’s also a box labeled “denim and corduroy scraps” under the lounge table which I didn’t get to yet.


Amazing! Thank you so much! When the utility of the stuff we have starts infringing on the utility of the free space we have it definitely pays to purge! Thanks for putting in the time to sort through all of this fabric!


Thanks for sorting through all that. The stuff i brought in were jewelry making materials, they are now condensed in a cardboard box by the jumbotron. I am not aware of any fabric scrap i brought in still being around. If they are taking up space, maybe we can take it to fabcycle and or our social fabric


Ok, cool, just wanted to check I wasn’t messing with your stuff.

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