Space Heat a problem


When we looked at the space last July it was very cool – not just in the shop but also in the main part of the space. I’ve noticed it’s stinking hot in there now, but even with all our stuff in there, I don’t think it should be this hot, especially when you first roll in. It’s a huge difference that I don’t think can be due to all our stuff can it?

Could we have the furnace on or something weird?
Does the door need to go back on at the top of the stair?
Am I missing something?


Last I checked the furnace was in cooling mode, which only runs the fan, not the flame. It would be interesting to set up a few thermometers in the space and see how much of an improvement running the fans make.


I also wonder how effective it would be if we install a small soffit fan in the attic vent on the north side of the building to try to pull the hot air out of the attic.


or in the winter, move that attic heat back into the space.


Hmmm - fan idea iz gud. I wonder what the math is/what we’d need to move a fair bit o’ air through there? Also - no idea wazzup with the upholstery jammed in the pipes in the shop.


Would something like this sitting in the attic door help?

Would ceiling fans also help us with circulation?


Laslo thought about putting the fan in the door of the attic. That is a great source of hot air, not cool. If there was a vent to atmosphere in the roof, a fan completely enclosing the attic opening could help.

The curtains in the front windows get very, very warm, and that’s a lot of radiating area.

If it was cool in the shop with a door at the top of the stairs, and it’s hot with it gone, I’d say that’d be part of the problem. Because the front door is our public access door, we’d need to replace that door with one with a window in it.


Pretty sure there is a vent up in the roof - you can see it at the back of the building at the top. Me no engineer but if there was a fan at that vent blowing outwards it could draw some of the heat out of the front area.

Should be pretty easy to replace that door window with a sheet of acrylic if we want to try it. Might be some scrap kicking around the place we could laser cut.


Just off the top of my head other options might be - make an awning to shade the front windows (probably needs a permit) and also applying ir/uv window film. I’ve used window film before - works pretty well.


Blackout curtains may also be an option.


At that point though, isn’t the heat already past the glass and inside the building?


No idea how it works. I guess it acts like double-glazing? There’s no air between the film and the window.


Blackout curtains can apparently (per US DOE) reduce the heat transfer by as much as 30%. They have a core of light foam.



Good thing we put reflective glitter on the bars to bounce some of the heat away.
I think those curtains cost us 5 bucks each (so like 40 bucks total), so I wont be too offended if they get replaced with some awesome mylar space reflectors or blackout curtains, but don’t throw them out, we can use them as dust curtains or something.


I’m busy with other research right now, but here is this. The reddit post seems to be talking only about the colour of the curtain, not as much about the construction.


I just realized - window film is reflective so peeps won’t see our awesome bars/signage/things we are doing in there - so nay on that idea.


Unless we put LED strips in the window frames to light up the bars.