Someone should: Host a lighting talks event for life-hacks


Someone should host an event where the focus is to share mind-numbingly simple life hacks. They can be simple general hacks from how to orient your toiletpaper in the anti-catwise orientation to how to make ferrofluid, as long as the entire demonstration can be shared within . I would think something like 1 minute.

To go along with the “short and sweet” sort of idea, you could allow for demonstration images, but they would have to be an animated gif (again, this is my format, take this where you want). The idea is to get a bunch of highly rehearsed pitches for life-hacks in fast succession by lots of people attending.

I would encourage multiple hacks by individual participants, but if you do that, I would recommend having each one spaced out in the agenda. If you do the animated gif or any sort of visual projected material, I would also recommend collecting them ahead of time so you can figure out a way to present them quickly.

This would be a great first event for someone to hold, since it only requires ‘running’ the event and no specific skill shares (though you’ll probably want to have a life hack or two of your own to help start everyone off).


This could even be done on a Tuesday! New visitors welcome to jump in!


There’s an anti-catwise direction?


Yes, so the cat’s “treadmill” rolls the paper up, not unrolls it.


Though, fun fact, the original patent says that it should be rolled with the paper at the front:


Actually, the patent shown is for the roll of paper itself, specifically, the use of perforations to allow single-sheet dispensing.

An earlier patent for a toilet paper roll holder is less obvious from the image, however if one reads the text (line 49+) the inventor describes the tearing off of a sheet is likely to be done at the top. This suggests an “over the top” deployment.

Only a few years later, this holder was registered:

This is an “underside” orientation of the working end of the roll, with the paper drawn over a sharp edge to cut it.

There is also a later patent that does show a roll holder with the paper coming over the top, but that patent is for the mechanism inside to add friction.

That’s it for tonight. I really hope this doesn’t affect my dreams.


Save it for the talk, guys, jeez :wink: