Someone called us and wants a tour at 1 PM today

Hi everyone,

I’m currently alone at VHS, and someone named Phil called us to ask us if he can come in for a tour here at 1 PM. Since I just joined and am doing work I don’t feel comfortable taking this on, so I told him I’d ask the other members to see if anyone can help with this. If you want to get in contact with him, he gave his phone number to me, and he has apparently emailed VHS earlier this week about this. His number is also in the email he sent to us.



Well it is too late for today, but in the future, just encourage them to come down on Sunday from 12 to 4. We are always open during those hours.


No worries Francesca - thanks for posting here. There’s never a requirement for people working in the space to answer the phone, let other members in or give tours to folks who drop by wanting them. I mean - it’s nice if folks volunteer to do that but totally understandable if you’re there alone or are in the midst of work.

Also shout out to Yeung and thanks for opening on Sundays. That seems like a good day to check out the space also due to the welding/general weekend space use that’s going on.

Thanks!! I will let him know that if he decides to call in again.

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Thanks Janet! Yeah, if he decides to call again I will let him know about Sunday being a good day to check out the space.

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This may be related to a call I got a few days ago at the space from an organization that does occupational therapy/rehab for people who have been injured on the job; one of their clients was interested in makerspaces as somewhere to work on projects and learn. I directed them to the contact form on website, and to introduce themself on Talk.

Not sure if it was the same person, I didn’t remember their name unfortunately.

Yes, I believe this is the same person! Phil also mentioned the occupational therapy/rehab aspects.

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