SOLD - 50w CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter

For Sale - 50w LS-1415 CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter.
I am looking to find a good home for it, where it will be used and appreciated to its fullest.

Currently located in North-West Surrey.

The LS-1415 laser cutter I engraver offers maximum power and more engraving space than the common 16x12" platforms. Comes standard at 40 Watts or upgrade to our new 5,000 hour rated 50W tube.

The LS-1415 offers one of the largest work areas at 18’’ x 19" (14x15" engraving area) for an entry level hobby laser. Quality. CNC precision components at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a professional grade laser cutter or engraver to inspire your small business or hobby projects but don’t want to spend $10k to get started, then the LS-1415 may be the best laser machine under $4k on the market today.

Need to cut 1/4" or even 3/8" wood or acrylic? It’s got the power available . Comes standard with a 40W or upgradable 50 watt C02 laser tube giving you both power to cut and the precision (up to 1000 dpi) to engrave. You get projects done quickly and with precision .

Most hobby lasers can’t handle taller or even cylindrical shaped objects. The LS-1415 boasts a 14" x 15" (355mm x 380mm) engraving area. Plus it quickly adjusts up and down 6" using the motorized Z-table. Retract the front panel for additional space flexibility.

LS-1415 Includes:
• 40 watt C02 laser tube / optional 50w upgrade
• 18" x 19" work area with 14" x 15" engraving I cutting space (355mm x 380mm)
• Retractable front panel Allows you to Engrave I Cut any length.
• Illuminated LCD panel for automated laser head control
• Motorized Z Table with 6" height adjustment
• Attached Exhaust fan keeping machine dean and cool
• Honeycomb and clamp table for cutting and engraving
• Red dot pointer illuminates laser head position
• Quality CNC machined parts for long term reliability
• Ball bearing Y axis guide rails promotes smooth & precise laser movement
• 2" focus lens (optional sizes available)
• Optional Rotary Attachment for cylindrical objects
• LaserCut 5.3 interface offers seamless connection to CorelDraw, Photoshop,AutoCAD ,etc.
• Windows 8, 7 (64 or 32 bit), XP, 2000 compatible

Engraving Area- 14 x 15in or 355 x 380mm
Working Area- 18 x 19in + removeable front
Laser Power- Includes 40W optional 50W
Machine Dimensions- 24.5L X 33W X 34.5H
Motor type- Stepper
Z table- Motorized Z (6 in. adjustable)
Honeycomb table- Laser cutting surface
Venting Attachments- Air Exhaust fan with venting pipe
Cooling System- Water pump protection system
Net Weight- 145 lbs.
Power Supply- Standard AC 110V
OS Compatibility- Windows 8, 7 (64/32 bit), XP, 2000
Software Interface- LaserCut 5.3 (w/ drivers for most design software)


Feel free to ask/contact me if any questions~

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Anzo’s a friend of mine and I suggested he try here as it’s quite a good unit. If I had the money, this would probably be a few hundred times better than the old one I have.

He’s quite trustable, been a friend for a long while.

Just my 2 cents but I would feel better if posts like these came from actual VHS members like yourself as opposed to having people join this list solely to potentially spam and/or sell stuff.

Or at the very least we should have a new category “For Sale/ Free” etc so we can quickly identify the purpose of the posts

I’m going to counter with my 2c - I think this post is right on topic and I very it very interesting. (and I’m mighty tempted, except I just blew 15k on a new roof).

edit The GVR can be a tough place to find stuff, I find the answers to the where to I get x to be some of the most valuable.

I agree with the idea of having a For Sale/Free/Trade section.
I tried to find such a section before posting, but was only able to find related “for sale” posts in this General section.

Sadly, I do not live anywhere near where the Hack-space is located, otherwise I would definitely be a full-time regular there.

I would very much prefer this unit be used, appreciated and enjoyed within the hack-space/creative community instead of just dumping it onto Craigslist or somewhere else.

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Hi, is this still available?

Hi Marlo,

Sorry! I did sell this cutter/engraver a few years ago… (to a high school, which is surprisingly still using it to this day!).

I’ll see if there is a way to close this thread or at least put a notice of it being sold.

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