SOLD: $20 Fishbone Cactus, Epiphyllum Anguliger/Disocactus Orchid Cactus Vancouver

For Sale: $20 – Fishbone Cactus (Epiphyllum/Disocactus Anguliger), Orchid Cactus

I have a healthy one-year-old fishbone cactus for sale. These plants are generally hard to find and propagated mostly by cuttings. I propped this plant from a small plant I bought on etsy about 2 years ago. Roots are in great shape and very well established. Pick up is at VHS.

Plant grows in filtered light, no direct sun. Good in a hanging pot or trained upward in a floor pot.
Since this hasn’t flowered yet (can take 5 years until mature enough), I don’t know what colour it’ll be, however it will be likely a large scented white or pale yellow bloom. Here are examples from the web:


Payment is by ETF (pm me for details/pick up arrangements). Thanks!

P.S. Did you know many VHS members grow and trade plants at VHS? See #green-thumb on slack for more info.


I’d love to get it if still available.

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'tis yours @3bien! I will pack it up for you and bring it to the space on Thursday! Thanks