Software suggestion?

I am looking for a software suggestion. I don’t know what this software would be intended to be used for, but I have a use-case in mind and looking for software to fill the need.

What I would like is to be able to essentially make a flow chart where each “landing” in the chart could be clicked to open a popup with more details. In essence, what I think would be perfect for this use would be a wiki-style tool that generates an interactive visualization of the page cross-links. Does such a thing exist? Or perhaps it would be a dev tool that is intended to generate class diagrams where you could click the diagram to bring you to the relevant class?

EDIT: Someone suggested I look into “thought mapping” or “mind mapping” software which led me to which should work for what I need. If anyone knows of a tool that will auto-generate the chart based on links in a document, that would be ideal, but I can work with this. Cheers! :beers:

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I haven’t tried for that specifically, but Coggle is great for mind map.

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That does look cool. I’ll try out their free tier and check it out. Thanks.