Snow Removal at VHS


Hi all,

I did a bit of digging to see what our responsibilities are at VHS’ new location for snow removal:

Here’s what the City of Vancouver Bylaws say:


76 . The owner or occupier of any parcel of real property shall, not later than 10:00 a.m.
every day, remove snow and ice from any sidewalk adjacent to such parcel for a distance that coincides with the parcel’s property line and for the full width of the sidewalk.

76A . If an owner or occupier of any parcel of real property fails to remove snow and ice, as required by section 76, the City Engineer may authorize the removal by another person and the costs of such removal shall be at the expense of the owner or occupier as the case may be, and the city may recover such expense by action in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The snow fall is supposed to be very light in the city (2 cm). Somebody awesome brought in several bags of road salt which are under the main staircase. To cover the sidewalks on Venables and Woodland we’ll probably need to sprinkle about 1.5 liters in total.

So if you find yourself at VHS and the temperature will get near zero, think about sprinkling some salt. I’m sure our neighbours will appreciate it!


Do we have a snow shovel of any sort at the Space?
If not I’ll try to find one though I suspect the will have been a rush of getting them today and I suspect the local stores will start to sell out…


It’s in the lease - we are 100% responsible for removing snow/salt/ice so thanks for thinking about this and definitely worth sprinkling salt if it’s below zero like the next few days are supposed tobe.


I’ve salted both sidewalks for tonight (February 3rd).


Yep there’s a snow pusher along with the salt bags!


Cheers to whomever bought the roafsalt? This covers any possible liability.


Just a note that @xquared and I salted the sidewalks last night.



I’ll check the sidewalks early Sat morning and shovel if needed…