SMD Surface Mount Soldering Night, Monday February 10th, 2020 at 7pm to 9pm

Come on down to the Vancouver Hack Space for the Surface Mount Soldering Night.

We will be soldering a board called “Illuminate This” which is just a board full of white LEDs.

Even if you’ve never done any circuitry or soldering, this is a good kit! Every time we have run this, we have had every level of experience from never touched a soldering iron, to experienced and it was a blast.

Solder one, or solder many. We will teach you how to use solder paste and a solder mask to make the process easy. Once you’ve placed all your components, pop it in our SMD oven and you will walk away with a board containing 80 bright LEDs.

Use these boards to make backlighting, lamps, or whatever you imagine.

The class is free for VHS Members, and only $5 for non-members. Each kit costs $5, you can purchase the night-of. Non-members that sign up that night get a free kit!

No need to sign up, but if you want to indicate your interest here, that would be appreciated. See you then!


I’m interested in attending this. See you there!

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Is it cool if I come for a second time? If so I’ll definately be there to make another


Repeats are encouraged! See you there!

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Just a heads up, this is next week, see you there! No experience necessary!

Crap, I was looking forward to this session since I missed the previous one but unfortunately I’ll have to be away for work. If you have any left over I might just buy a few off of you (and maybe borrow the stencil sometime).

I keep the boards and the stencil located at VHS, just hit me up with a PM before you intend to build one and I’ll give you the low-down. I ordered a bunch so there’s no current worry about running out. If I get low on boards, I’ll make another order.

Thanks Mike, that was a great workshop. Anne and I both enjoyed making the LED boards. The pressure was on for me as Anne’s went into the easy-bake first and all LED’s lit up when done.


Nice!!! Go Anne!! Quilting hands FTW!

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