SMD parts for future workshop

Hey All. Just a quick fyi that I’ve liberated a few parts from the vhs smd collection for a future workshop, I’ll put them back if I don’t follow though. I don’t want to design a pcb and find all the parts gone.

  • FT2232HL (so awesome we have these!)
  • 1.8V LDO
  • 3.3V LDO
  • MAX202

I’m planning to do a variant of Tigard that uses the parts we have and has 0805 passives for ease of assembly. Workshop should be cheap given we have many of the parts already. Will take a few months to get together though.


AMAZING! Sign me up!

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At the very least I’ll take a kit. I may attend the workshop depending on timing.


ZOMG yesss!!! I am in should this happen.

Edit: oooo that also looks very hand-solderable.

This is where I’m at so far - it’s about 4x the size of the original to make space for the larger passives and ease of assembly.

I added the db9 'cause I’ve been doing some retrocomputing stuff and cables with level converters are harder to come by now (also was have max202 in our stock so why not use it?).


I don’t need one but I want one…