Small Tools Bench


We have a bunch of smaller power tools for delicate work, such as the dremels/benchtoo drill presses etc. I feel like these things easily get lost in the current shelves of the workshop, and are attractive to cosplay, model makers, and jewelry designers. As we lay out our new space, it would be nice to have these tools set up so they don’t get lost in the frey. Any thoughts.


Love this idea and we should have the space to set this up. Only thing I’d worry about is security especially with doors open in summer (if we even do that). Would be easy enough to permanently chain in one spot which would keep equipment where it’s expected to be also.


One plus side is that some of the equipment in this scenario might be more fixed; such as a dremel. If we had a dremel suspended or in the dremel drill press, it would be less portable than currently.

Good idea though, keeping them on the desk (either deterring malicious or just simple ‘want it elsewhere’) would be a consideration.


Oh I like this, I’ve been posting about wanting a dedicated molding bench, but it would be great to have a longer bench with these sorts of things. Having a dedicated space for a Dremel/foredom would give as an opportunity to build some dust extraction right in to the table.