Small spray paint projects?

Bear with me, I’ve never been to 1601 Venables St. Does the place have 100 sqft of [outdoor/alley] space I could use to spray paint some parts? Acrylic, and nothing huge. I also own a fan and tarps. Just looking for some place where the inevitable vapors aren’t a huge deal.

The alley isn’t really suitable. It might be suitable if you used some tarps and some fans and set up a temporary area by the back barn doors which open out to the alley. Just be very careful to manage fumes, overspray, etc.

We have also designated an entire “messy room” for painting and such. We need someone to take charge and figure out how to install the ventilation though.

You ought to come check out 1601 Venables. It’s FAR bigger than our last spaces and the possibilities are pretty exciting.


Gotcha. It doesn’t sound hopeless :slight_smile: Would the open house at 7:30 I see on the calendar a good time to drop by and talk about that? Not bringing work. To check if how much prep and extra ventilation needed. Sure no problem with hanging tarps, can do. Right now I’m working with a 30in box fan. That might do, or not. Curious.

If it’s rather an indoors thing – a lot people end up building diy spray booths (or rather ‘tents’) from Home Depot parts. Provided there’s an exhaust path. I haven’t built one yet, but could imagine making one, if it sounds interesting / reusable enough.


Yes, certainly doable, and tonight would be a great time to come and check out the lay-of-the-land. You could probably rig up something temporary, but a proper spray booth would be really great. It just needs someone to push it forward (maybe that’s you!?)

Here’s the path I suggest:

  1. Become a member if you’re not already (to start the clock until you can become a keyholder - I think it’s 2 months)
  2. Design a diy spray booth that you think will work in the designated “messy room”
  3. Post on Talk to get buy-in from other members and recruit some help
  4. Figure out the exhaust. You can see what we did for the laser cutter, to get an idea. There are a variety of fans kicking around that you could probably use
  5. Get @rsim to ask the landlord for permission to put another hole in the wall for the ventilation, and/or whatever else the plan requires.
  6. Build it
  7. Accept your award for heroic contribution

That sounds like it’s going to fix a major issue I have right now.

I used to be a member, iirc since Jan. Back then I was looking at the lathe, but just wasn’t the right time due to the move. Canceled in Jun, iirc. Will resume.

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There are also portable/collapsible spray booths like this

These tents are easy to manage, and good to catch overspray. But the main concern is managing vapors, especially in closed areas. If you guys want something durable, it’s rather a rectangular booth with a strong enough fan to blow them out of the premises.

Once at that point, most end up with extra intake blowers / filters applying positive pressure inside. At which point it’s also fixing a dust issue. Think removable PVC pipe enclosure, then tarps + tapes + velcro. Maybe even airtight dust barrier zippers if you want it awesome.

But really, I would have also taken 100 sqft outdoors for what I’m doing (at the moment spraying some motorcycle parts, but it’s only a track bike spraybomb project, and scuffing / sanding / polishing shall fix the rest). So I’m pretty much open to anything that works for everyone. :slight_smile: