Small part storage ideas


Hey all, just sharing some more of my storage solutions that I use at work with great success. Let me know if any of these are anything you’d like me to replicate for VHS.

wood screw drawers

machine screw bins in shallow drawers

small parts/electronic parts storage in tackle boxes lined up like books on a shelf.

thinner tackle boxes stored horizontally in racks (since they can’t stand up on their own).


This one isn’t at my workplace, but I feel like it’s an idea that might also work for us.



Oh I love those slide out shelves.

Reminds me of those moving shelves that Medical offices commonly have. We talked about 2 years ago.

Was like these
The ones at the time were free. We just had to dismantle.

Currently this is listed.

Not sure we have $2500 to spare and if we did probably better things to need first.

But what’s say we keep an eye out for something free.
Its not the wood or frame that’s the important part. Its the tracks and mechanical parts. The medical shelfs are very sturdy. Because the of the weight.

Also reason we didn’t get them was because we weren’t sure about the strength of the floors in the old place. Something we need to check on first.


It’s a good idea. My concern would be maintaining the cleanliness of the tracks.