Simple loincloth

Hello everyone !

I an currently trying to make a simple tribal loincloth out of fabric I bought online, for a costume.
It seems pretty simple, It requires me to cut the fabric properly and sew maybe 2-3 pieces together: I however lack the knowledge and the tools: Iā€™m a complete beginner, happy to learn the basics.

I asked around at work and someone suggested I poke around here to see if I could get a bit of help or access to a sewing machine for example :slight_smile:
I have actually never been to a hack space, it would be my first steps. Exciting !

Are these tools available at the hack space?
When is a good time to come? It looks like the tuesday evening open-house is a great opportunity (I wonder if some people are around during the weekend though).

Please let me know if you have any suggestion !

Yes! We have a number of regular sewing machines and one industrial one.

Tuesday evening is best. You can also check out to see in real time if the space is open.