Shingles - I’m not talking about the one on the roof of a house…

I am one of the older members of VHS at 61 years young. A week ago I got hit with a bout of shingles. I had chickenpox as a child and apparently the virus sits in your body and can come back as shingles later in life, around 50 years plus. I didn’t get the vaccination suggested by my doctor 5 years ago and I regret it. It wasn’t because I’m anti-vax, my doctor retired and I didn’t bother to follow up on it.

Let me tell you, it’s the most brutal thing you can get. Started as a pain in my back, but not like usual back pain. Next day my right back was sore, day after that a rash appeared on the front of my body (had spread from my back) and the pain was unbearable. Managed to get a consult with a doc who said it was shingles and got onto some meds. The pain killers I got didn’t work on me, so it’s been constant, intense pain for the past week. Haven’t been able to sleep much either because of the constant pain.

So why am I telling you this? If you are close to your 50’s or over 50 and had chickenpox as a child then talk to your doctor about getting the Shingles vaccination. It’s expensive, but trust me, you don’t want to get it…
Apparently you have to wait 2 months after getting your 2nd covid vaccine but your doc would know all that.


I’m sorry to hear that, Steve, that really sucks, especially in this heat. Thank you for the PSA

Is your cooling situation OK right now? and on a related note, are you good for meals and groceries and other things that you need to venture out into the heat for? I’d be more than happy to do a run if needed, and I’m sure between the bunch of us we could arrange a couple more if the heat sticks around.

Also, for what it’s worth, my grandmother swore by cool oatmeal baths when she had her bout of shingles, (run the dry oatmeal through the blender for best effect) have you tried that yet?


Steve - I feel so bad for you. Doug had shingles a ways back and luckily did not have it this bad. I’ve had friends who have had similar to you (one friend had it on his forehead) and I know how brutal this is. That nerve pain is awful. Hang in there. I’m sure Ann is looking after you but to add on to @metal_janet’s kind offer…if you need anything at all also let me know.


@Metal_Janet I’m (we’re) good for everything and really appreciate the offers. We have fans running and our house is 50’s era, so it has a partial in-ground basement which is cooler than the upstairs.
The pain is better during the day now, but for some reason does get worse during the night.

I really wanted to give a heads up to the younger crowd who are heading toward their late 40’s or early 50’s and say “get the vaccine”


@SteveRoy very glad to hear that you’re all taken care of!

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Sorry to hear about your pain! I got the Shingrix vaccine about 3-4 years ago.

To add to the PSA: folks, take the opportunity to check whether you could booster/renewal shots for MMR, Tetanus, etc.


BC has put out a health gateway phone app that’s actually excellent, and shows health records I don’t even remember.

There’s also this, to check when you’re (over)due, that I’ve been meaning to look into:

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There’s also:

Basically you can request your medical and pharmacy records up to seven years back.
I don’t know whether it’s the same info as in the app.

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I just got a tetanus buster from a drug store last week.
After scratching myself with a dirty drill bit.

Tetanus busters are every 10yrs and every 5 years if occupation causes expose to soil contaminated metal cuts.


We got the shots, they kill your arm, but it is worth it.
A friend got shingles inside his body, and it was on his brain. He has severe brain issues now.

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Thanks for this PSA and sorry to hear @SteveRoy what you are going through. I have scheduled my calendar to remind me to do it come Sept (2 months post COVID vaccine dose 2).


You can also experience this special type of hell well before your 50’s during periods of extreme stress. Ask me how I know.

And if you want a scientific deep dive, there is a very timely ‘This Podcast Will Kill You’ episode on Chicken Pox: Episode 76 Chickenpox: There’s always a ‘but’ – This Podcast Will Kill You


Thanks for that fascinating website; lots of interesting stuff. And transcripts are here: