[SHHH42 - Sept 21st] Activities/Ideas Thread

Hey all!

As SHHH42 is upon us, @Janet’s post about door prizes got me thinking about what other potential activities we could do in either celebration or to show off what we do around the space?

In the past, we’ve had LN2 icecream, DJs, performances, juggles, and even a pakoras truck!

Do you have ideas? Now is the time to get on it!

What about an auction, not just door prizes?

I like the idea of giving away stuff as a celebrational thing!

I think the auction idea would be better suited for if we’d want to do a fundraiser. Though, one does not exclude the other, so if anyone would like to organize an auction, they’re also more than welcome to create a topic for that!

Random brain fart: we could consider selling extra raffle tickets, but I’ve never seen that as a real revenue stream. But that would be up to @Janet as it’s her contribution to SHHH42!

Anyway… I’ll create a separate thread with ideas for SHHH42!

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You need a license for a raffle:



I’m not doing a raffle/auction/etc. any chance we could move these posts to the dicussion thread that @tyisi just made? Thanks! Trying to keep this thread to a flow of posts about sweet sweet donated items. :smiley:

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Dry ice ice cream seems to go over well, I imagine LN2 would as well. I can take this on to organize, but I might ask for volunteers to help run it on the day. (It’s not hard to do, and people like you cuz you’re feeding them!)

Flaming ping pong is also a crowd pleaser, I can make that happen as long as I can find old-school balls. (This would be a party-before-people-get-too-drunk thing not an open house thing)

Vacuum cannon is also fun and easy.

Vacuum chamber marshmallows is also a good time.

Beaver rides/goose chases on the sidewalk seem to draw people in well, David and I can make that happen, but we might need some volunteer drivers.

General project show-and-tell is also a big must-have for the Open House.

Demos that would be great to have going during open house:
Welding/plasma cutting (plasma can do 110 v)
3-D printing
laser cutter
CAD software (free, like sketchup or fusion 360)
wood turning or other neat wood demos
Manual machining
Cnc machining
electronics building and/or learn to solder workshop
quick-set resin casting

Despite my overbearing enthusiasm, I can only run one thing during Open House. However, if other people want to run demos on the day, I can certianly help to get them organized beforehand. Let me know.


It would be great to have a bbq at the SHHH. The plasma cutter might be overkill so I guess we’d need a bbq loaner from someone.

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Sorry if I’ve missed this - but what date is the SHHH. If it’s the official maker faire after party (which I heard recently from @rsim) - does that mean it’s the weekend of the 14th?

Edit: Aha - it’s the 21st…no worries thanks.

What’s happening at the SHHH42? I need deets because I’m making posters. That’s all I can take on right now but can’t do more work on it without knowing if we are having a keg etc. Thanks.

Help needed with SHHH42 organizing. Please visit #shhh42 on slack and join the Trello Board. This is our big recruiting chance so all hands on deck! Thanks! Keep on being awesome.

Here’s the Earnest’s request form for donations.

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Random idea: reach out to food trucks to see if they’d want to come park outside (on Woodland?) to vend foods.

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They usually have a minimum spend- so if you want them at an event, unless they sell $1500 of food, you are on hook for difference.

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A ton of work is still required before the SHHH to pull it off. More details here for what’s needed. Please come help.

https://vanhack.slack.com/messages/CLFKL9Y2J (slack channel #shhh42)


VHS needs your do-ocracy help. A lot of critical stuff is outstanding for the open house and SHHH event particularly:

  • getting a special event permit/alcohol permit
  • doing the list of tweaks/tidying the space needs
  • getting volunteers ready and in place to show off different space areas/give tours/be working on projects during the open house
  • putting up posters/distributing flyers
  • a bunch of other things

It’s all here in Trello. This is crunch time and honestly this is our big chance to promote VHS. It’s all hands on deck time.

Please go here to learn more and to take on something: https://vanhack.slack.com/messages/CLFKL9Y2J

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Bump. There is still alot of work to do before the SHHH especially on space cleanup. Please visit Trello to get involved and help. If we want to continue attracting new folks to use this awesome new space, VHS needs everyone to pitch in.