Sharpening Station

We need a sharpening station. Let’s design and build one.

Step 1. :ballot_box_with_check: Make a place to gather our ideas and request help (this thread).
Step 2. ☐ Gather Requirements (in this thread).
Step 3. ☐ Make Design.
Step 4. ☐ Build.
Step 5. ☐ Write up recap and lessons learned…

@TimothyKonrad wanted to be part of this, so pinging you on this :).

My Requirements:


  • We should have a mount for the small delta grinder (the one I’ve brought in that currently has turning tools attachments)
  • We should have a way to keep our diamond plates dust-free (drawers or cover
  • Storage For:
    • Honing Guide(s))
    • Strop
    • Polishing Compound
    • Sharpening Jigs for Grinder

Nice to haves:

  • Built-in Lighting
  • Should be small in footprint when not in use.

Here is a youtube video that tests all kinds of knife sharpening systems. This should be a good place to start when it come to looking at what kind of design we want.

I think out of those systems I like the Lansky the best, It is not too expensive and looks like it can be easily improved by mounting on to a stable surface.

Forgot the link

Did you forget the link?

To clarify, we currently have at the space:
Delta Grinder with Turning Tools Jig and LV Jig
Diamond Plates
Honing Guide

What we need is a cart that can hold it all and more.

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So let’s build one I got a bunch of 1/2 inch plywood at the space and u have two wheels I scavenged today.

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How big of a cart we thinking ? I’m guessing a similar height to the work table in the main space